Beauty From Ashes



Last Sunday evening, October 15th, while fires still burned in the hills above Sonoma County, in the Redwood Covenant Church auditorium there was a significant gathering of Sonoma County Christ followers. People who worship at 30 or more different churches throughout the county came together to pray for this current Firestorm crisis.  The meeting was led by many different pastors who prayed for the various aspects of it.  One of the remarkable features of their prayers is that most of these pastors have lost their own homes!  They could truly relate to the sense of loss that is felt by many at this time.

Prayer was interspersed with worship led by musicians of Redwood Covenant.  The joy that many attendees expressed even in the midst of loss was palpable.  It was beautiful to see the unity of this pastoral leadership as they gathered as one at the front.  Many of these pastors have already been praying together for years, but Sunday night I believe there were more than usual.  Indeed, some of these pastors have been praying together for over 40 years since the time of the ‘Jesus Movement’ of the 1970s.  However, as was mentioned by one of the Pastors, this meeting seemed more powerful than ever.  So many people from so many different churches.  Some good is coming out of this crisis.

A major prayer of the evening is that those believers who have lost everything will stand firm in their faith and be enabled to “comfort others with the comfort they find in God”.  The bottom line that many embrace is that our material possessions mean little in comparison to the gifts of God’s love and Coming Kingdom.  This crisis of loss puts the priories of life in a fresh light.  Our prayer is that many will come to know the truth of God’s love even as a result of this hard time.


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