Top Ten Favorite Cities

What Are Your Top Ten Favorite Cities?  Here are my mine according to this Criteria:

  • Attractive – including location, lots of parks and green spaces
  • Reasonable Size – No Megalopoli, and you can walk most of it
  • Transportation – convenient and easy
  • Activities – including historic sights and museums
  • Lots of coffee shops

No. 1. Edinburgh (Scotland, of course, not Texas!) I lived there for 13 years and it is a home to me.  I was transported to another world at my first sight of it as I travelled down the hills from the south and saw the Castle and Arthur’s Seat gleaming in the morning light set against the water of the Firth of Forth.  I was still entranced later, exploring the ‘Royal Mile’ after riding there on a red double decker bus while watching a marching band complete with bag pipers – even in the rain.  I could, and will, write another whole post about it sometime.  It is a city I grow tired in, but never of.  (Though I must add, in case yer headin’ there soon, that it has it’s dark and dangerous under-belly to be ware of especially at night.)

IMG_3332   Princess Street Gardens, galleries and the castle from the northeast

Edinburgh is 10/10 extremely attractive.  It is surrounded by 7 green hills – each with its own special view.  Abbey, Calton, Castle grand, Southward see St Leonards stand, St Johns and Sciennes as two are given, And Multrees makes Seven.  

It also has numerous lovely parks including – just for starters…

  • The Queens Park, near the Palace, quickly makes you feel you’ve gone to the Highlands.  Keep your eyes open and you might see the Queen walking her corgis or even King Arthur himself if you climb up to his ‘seat’!
  • Princess Street Gardens, full of flowers, between the main shopping and the Glasgow train line, but far enough for fun with amazing views of the castle.  There are also galleries to visit, a carousel to ride on or watch, ice cream to lick, coffee to sip, wine bars…
  • The Royal Botanical Park which is near perfection in a park!

You can walk almost everywhere if you’re fit – remember those hills!  Of course it does rain. Once though, when my sister and niece came to visit and we went up to the castle it was roasting.  And there were bagpipers playing loudly, dressed up in their glorious, but woolen, regalia.  Whew, the sweat was dripping. (Not too close mind you!)

When it does rain you can hop on a bus or a streetcar.  Transportation is great (but park away somewhere from the city center, then walk or take bus or taxi) and there are loads of coffee shops and pubs.  My favorite pub is some ways away from the city center beside ‘Duddingston Loch’ – The Sheep Heid.

Edinburgh Castle is over 800 years old and the Queen’s Palace quite ancient too.  Monuments, great houses and other historic sites are endless, it seems, everywhere you go.  Tip: When you ‘do’ The Royal Mile from the castle to the palace (with my alma mater – Moray House – in between), start at the top and walk down, not the other way around!

Endless, too, are the galleries and museums.  Modern and ancient, large and small, plenty to do when it is raining. My favorite is: The National Portrait Gallery

‘Ach weel’, as some say there, I think No. 2 will have to wait for tomorrow.  (This blogging business is time-consuming!)  Please consider your list of favorite cities to share in response if you’d like.  Thanks for reading.


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3 Responses to Top Ten Favorite Cities

  1. perigrinatia says:

    I must add that Edinburgh as an amazing ‘Festival’ every summer in August with outdoor entertainment like no where else I’ve ever been! I wish I was getting a commission for this, but I’m not!


  2. Linda Albert says:

    I’m not nearly as well traveled but love hearing about the places you’ve been!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. perigrinatia says:

    Thanks, Linda! I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog. You’ve traveled quite far and taken others with you to precious places through your imagination!


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